La constitución estética de la comunidad política en el joven Nietzsche. De la masa al pueblo a través del genio

In Nietzsche’s early writings, the idea of a rebirth of the tragedy in Germany is one of the main issues that connect the aesthetic and political thoughts of the young philosopher. This rebirth promises not only a new era of profound artistic productivity, but also the constitution of a people oriented toward art. This paper tackles the strains that emerge when Nietzsche has to put his aesthetical hope for a rebirth and the political conditions of such an event together. In particular he has to solve the problem of how to turn an anti-artistic subject such as the mass into an artistically-oriented people. Although he found in the genius the one that can produce that transformation, the internal strains and paradoxes of this figure configure an account of the rebirth as an event toward which the only possible attitude is to wait.

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