Foucault atravesado por Nietzsche

Under the different guises of philologist, genealogist, preacher of god’s death, man, and even tragic thinker assailed by madness, the presence of Nietzsche in Foucault’s stance and work becomes evident. Perhaps because of that, exceptions aside, the question hasn’t deserved Inore than passing comments limitèd to identifring the source of certain thernes or to evaluating the pertinence and adequation of Foucault’s inte pretations. None of that allows a serious evaluation of the effects ofa reading that, as Foucault himself recognizes, has embodied a fundamental experience. Attempting to account for it, in the proposed communication I Will try to establish how and in what measure the German thinker has made a mark in the determination and configuration of the philosophica] project of the Frenchman.

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