El filósofo legislador. Inactualidad del “nosotros” nietzscheano en la Genealogía de la moral

This work lies within the post-nietzschean theme regarding the question of “community”. “We are unknown to ourselves, we men of knowledge —and with good reason. We have never sought ourselves.” In this excerpt from the beginning of On the Genealogy of Morals are ciphered the gnoseo-epistemic problem of knowledge and truth (the problem of “knowing”), as well as the ethico-political problem of the organization of the community (the problem of “we”), and the logico-linguistic problem of the nomination of phenomena (the problem of “searching”). The problem of knowing, of knowing ourselves and the unknown is inseparable from the problem of the actual modes adopted by the search, and from the power relations expressed in languages. Once this map is drawn, we will sustain that Nietzsche’s “polemical work” is not only a genealogy of morals, but also a genealogy of truth and a genealogy of the subject.

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